Founded in 2021, COLLECTOR [CS] was created by designer Christophe Sauvat to embrace slow fashion and offer an alternative solution to the increasing issue of sustainability.

Sourcing the highest quality vintage clothing among the leading unique brands that have stood the test of time such as Classic Levi’s, Lee Wrangler and Ralph Lauren, the COLLECTOR [CS] Collection offers a stunning range of tried-and-true denims that are all redone and embellished with handmade embroidery in the distinctive Christophe Sauvat « hippie chic » style. Instigator of this unique style through his first brand Antik Batik created decades ago, Christophe contributed to putting ethnic fashion [and local craftsmanship] on the map.

Meaningfully curated, COLLECTOR [CS] is thought and made for the forward-thinking customer. Christophe Sauvat's extensive experience and knowledge of vintage clothes, fitting better with age and living through the trends, lead him to collect premium quality jeans and wardrobe staples that become one’s partner-in-style for life.

Crafted in small workshops of northern Portugal, these soulmate pieces are handmade by wonderful old women whose skills were passed on by previous generations, perpetuating beautiful craftsmanship traditions and preserving cultural heritage.